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Bruno and Kathleen Soucy are First Baptist Church's Partners in Mission

Bruno and Kathleen Soucy are First Baptist Church’s Partners in Mission

First Baptist Church Ottawa is a Partner in Mission with CBM Field Staff, Bruno and Kathleen Soucy. This vibrant Canadian couple have dedicated themselves to serving in the African country of Rwanda. Both of them are involved in training and encouraging national church leaders. Carrying out the Great Commission in the context of Rwanda requires an extra measure of compassion, for Rwandans face so many challenges created by both poverty and injustice.

Bruno and Kathleen have been able to share the grass roots impact of the sustainable community development that they are investing in as they labour alongside their Rwandan church partners.

Two of the most important contributions we can make as Partners in Mission with the Soucys are our gifts of faithful prayer and sacrificial giving.


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  2. I am a member of the congregation of St. Mark and St. Monica Coptic Orthodox Church, Ottawa. We are hoping to start an outreach service to disadvantaged families and individuals in Ottawa (offering food, clothing…….) We are seeking advice from experienced churches in this regard. If possible, we would like to team up with a church that offers such services. Could you please provide your thoughts – all input will be much appreciated. If you feel we can team up with you in some respect, we can offer time, material and manpower. Thank you very much for your attention.

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