Our Church Library

Our Church Library is a friendly place to find a book…or two!

Great books for everyone – both young and old(er) – are found in our Church Library!

Librarian Marta Varisco and Nicholas celebrate Library Sunday 2008 with a very special cake

Marta congratulates Caleb, the winner of the Jelly Bean Contest on Library Sunday 2012

Will books disappear from the scene some day? And will literature be read only on computers? We don’t think so. There is something very satisfying about the feel of a book in your hand, the firmness of it, the neatness of the printed page, the illustrations, if any. Libraries may become more like computer stations, but we think there will always be books there. Our Church Library is a vital part of First Baptist – not simply because it is a place to find books, archives and other media, but because it is a place for fellowship and the vital social contact that strengthens any church.

Come visit our Church Library! It is a mine of information for those who would seek it. Are you a Bible reader who likes things explained or located? There are a lot of answers there. Are you interested in the history of the Christian Church in general, or Baptists in particular, or other religions? There is much to be read there. Perhaps you find it easier to watch videos than to read books. The Library has quite a collection of them, many of which bring the Bible to life, or take you on a trip to the Holy Land. There is also quite a variety for children.

When you feel the urge to read, see videos or need some information, remember our Church Library. We are waiting to help you.

Our Library is open on Sunday mornings before and after the worship service. In mid-fall, we also celebrate our Library with a special day of its own, complete with games, treats and other surprises. Why not drop in to browse through our offerings? Books, DVDs, church archives and other Christian resources are all available. Our Church Librarians, Marta Varisco and Eleanor Wees, are always glad to guide you in your search. Why not pay them a visit? You will definitely be pleased that you did!

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