Special Occasions in our Church School

A beautiful nativity scene displayed in our Church Nursery during Advent and Christmas

Our Church School pupils enjoy celebrating special occasions, such as Epiphany, when a simplified Twelfth Day of Christmas party is  held, and Pentecost, when they mark the birthday of the Christian Church.  Special valentine hearts are presented to their prayer friends on St. Valentine’s Day.  An Easter Egg Hunt takes place following the Congregational Breakfast on Easter Sunday. At Thanksgiving  the Beginner class decorates a Succoth Booth.  All the children enthusiastically celebrate each others’ birthdays throughout the year.

Church School pupils also participate in special congregational worship services throughout the year.

Our Church School's 2013 Epiphany Display

Our Church School’s 2013 Epiphany Display

On Epiphany Sunday , the Church School joins a procession behind “the Magi” who follow a Star to the front of the sanctuary. There the children, as well as members of the congregation, place gifts suitable for infants or toddlers at the feet of “Mary and the Child Jesus”. These gift are subsequently passed on to worthy organizations in the Ottawa area who help needy mothers with young children.

Church School children, waving palm branches, march in the annual Palm Sunday parade around the sanctuary.

Each Sunday during Advent the children help with the Advent readings and the lighting of the Advent candles. At Christmas they participate in a simple presentation of the Christmas story along with the singing of some Christmas songs. A young couple with a baby  represents Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus. All of the children enjoy decorating the Christmas tree with white Chrismons.

The Church School pupils always join the congregation to witness baptism and dedication to Christian parenting ceremonies.