Our Church School

First Baptist Church welcomes children of all ages to a fun, supportive and secure learning environment!

Nursery Care:
We have a  large, bright and colourful Nursery room where infants and toddlers enjoy their experience either with or without Mom or Dad.  It is well equipped with an inviting array of interesting books and toys along with child-sized tables and chairs. A crib, playpen, and change table as well as a CD player help to keep things running smoothly. Nursery care givers are in attendance each Sunday to help watch over and care for the little ones.

Church School Classes:
Four classes have been organized for the older children: 
-Little Learners (ages 2-3 years)
-Beginners (ages 4-7 years)
-Explorers (ages 8-11 years)
-Discovery (ages 12-15 years)

The regular Church School program runs from September to May.  Bible activities  for children up to 8 years of age operate every Sunday during June, July and August. Volunteer teachers are responsible for fall, winter, spring or summer sessions.  All are required to complete police record checks.

The Church School participates each year in the Canadian Baptist Mission Awareness Project.

The Church School pupils always join the congregation to witness baptism and dedication to Christian parenting ceremonies.

Prayer Friends:
Each child in the Church School and Nursery is paired with an adult member of the congregation, who faithfully prays for him/her each week. Our Prayer Friends program brings together the two groups in a positive and friendly manner, thus encouraging the development of meaningful inter-generational communication.

Special Occasions:
Our Church School pupils enjoy celebrating special occasions with our congregation!

-On Epiphany Sunday , the Church School celebrates the discovery of the child Jesus by the Magi by collecting gifts suitable for infants or toddlers. These gift are subsequently passed on to worthy organizations in the Ottawa area who help needy mothers with young children.

-Special valentine hearts are presented to their prayer friends on St. Valentine’s Day. 

-Church School children, waving palm branches, march in the annual Palm Sunday parade around the sanctuary.

-An Easter Egg Hunt takes place following the Congregational Brunch on Easter Sunday. All the children enthusiastically celebrate each others’ birthdays throughout the year.

-At Christmas, our pupils participate in a simple presentation of the Christmas story along with the singing of some Christmas songs. All of the children enjoy decorating our sanctuary’s Christmas tree with white Chrismons.